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The First Editions - Author Series - Ardbeg 21y, 1993, 56.4%, Rudyard Kipling

The Author's Series is a series of bottlings by Hunter Laing where they have picked a cask which sits above others and is bottled under the name of a favourite literary classic author.

This Ardbeg has only 120 bottles.

Charles MacLean said: 'Deep amber in colour with moderate beading. The first aroma is of lanolin and damp, untreated wool, even a hint of sheep dip, with roast chestnuts in the background. Oily and surprisingly sweet to taste, with fragrant woodsmoke in the aftertaste. Faintly waxy with a drop of water, backed by charred wood. Smooth and sweet, with hessian and washed out creosote.'

The Rudyard Kipling is one of those aged Ardbeg bottlings which are hard to find. Older age statements Ardbeg expressions are rarer due to the popularity of the distillery in recent years. A fantastic dram

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