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Free Local Delivery for Orders above 800 HKD

Glencairn - Crystal Decanter, Bothwell Ship with wooden box

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Bothwell Ship's Decanter - ship's decanters are designed with a very wide base to keep a low centre of gravity. This is done so that when onboard a ship the decanter would not fall by tipping over in heavy seas. This decanter is cut in Glencairn's Bothwell pattern.

Hand blown, hand cut, full crystal decanter from Glencairn Crystal Studio.

Comes in red wooden presentation box.

Crystal decanters are used to show a whisky at its very best. The crystal is clear and enhances the appearance of the liquid inside. Decanters have been used for centuries to pour spirits from. Decanters can keep whisky/brandy indefinitely but as with all fine spirits and wines, keep away from direct sunlight.