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Edwin Blyde - Boot flask, Celtic rope, 36853, 3oz

Hand crafted flasks from England, made from pewter. Pewter is a type of alloy (blend of metals) which is usually 95% tin, 2% copper, 2% antimony, 1% other metals.

This long thin shape of flask is called a boot flask, named as such because bootleggers would smuggle alcohol (bootlegging) around the USA during the prohibition period. They smuggled their spirits by hiding long thin shaped flasks that could fit inside of their tall cowboy boots, hence "boot flask"!

3oz = 88ml

How to use:
We recommend:
- Not to put any liquid that has sediment, e.g, red wine, orange juice with pulp, spirits with gold flake, etc. This is to allow easy washing of the insides.

- Use flasks for high ABV% liquors, such as gin, whisky, brandy.

- Do not keep alcoholic beverages in metal flasks for more than 3-5 days, metal flavours may start to influence your drink after!

- Use hot/warm water to rinse a few times. Don't use detergents or other cleaning products for the inside, this is to allow easy washing of the insides.

- You may care for the product by polishing the outer area, such as with Brasso.

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