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Edwin Blyde - Pocket flask, Plain, 36004, 4oz

Hand crafted flasks from England, made from pewter. Pewter is a type of alloy (blend of metals) which is usually 95% tin, 2% copper, 2% antimony, 1% other metals.

4oz = 118ml

Comes with a black box and black string bag.

Guide on how to use:
- Not to put any liquid that has sediment, e.g, red wine, orange juice with pulp, spirits with gold flake, etc. This is to allow easy washing of the insides.

- Use flasks for high ABV% liquors, such as gin, whisky, brandy.

- Do not keep alcoholic beverages in metal flasks for more than 3-5 days, metal flavours may start to influence your drink after!

- Use hot/warm water to rinse a few times. Don't use detergents or other cleaning products for the inside, this is to allow easy washing of the insides.

- You may care for the product by polishing the outer area, such as with Brasso.

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