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Free Local Delivery for Orders above 800 HKD

Adelphi - Night cap set, (4x100ml)

by Adelphi
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4 Different Styles of Whisky 100ml each. A little note from Adelphi detailing each flavour profile from each region of Scotland.

The Nightcap series from Adelphi is a great way to sample distinct flavour styles of superb quality whisky in a single tasting set. There are four different whiskies in small bottles commonly used by all whisky master blenders for cask sampling.

This set is from batch 7. Comprises four 'Breath of' from Highlands, Isles, Speyside, Islay expressions. We don't know which distilleries these single malts come from because Adelphi has intetionally kept it as a secret from everybody... however they are representative of each region in style with very unique flavour profiles. Each whisky is about 11 years old. All are bottled at cask strength at 58%+ ABV.