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Adelphi - Miltonduff 36y, 1981, 51.8%, 138b

by Adelphi

Mitonduff is one of those distilleries which play a large part in the blending industry in Scotland. Recent times have shown OB releases but more often than not it is the IB world which has more expressions. Distilled in 1981 this 36yo whisky starts with dark sugar and jam and finishes on the pallet with slightly burnt coffee notes, a punchy 36 year old!

Distilled in?1981 (from Cask 5069)

Adelphi bottles some of Scotland's best quality whisky no matter the age they bottle it at. Why?.... because they routinely only accept about 5% of the casks they taste. This high level of requirement means only the very best stuff gets through.

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