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Free Local Delivery for Orders above 800 HKD

Adelphi - Private Label, Dancy Man, 40%

by Adelphi
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A blended whisky which easily compares with a more famous label that is proud of its black label sporting a dancing man. This blend is easy going but there is definitely a hint of smoke the first you nose if you have the right kind of glass. There are light fruits and almost a hint of some sherry influence further inside.

Light smokiness on the nose, ripe pear sweetness, light nutty flavours with hints sea breeze, leading into a long lovely finish. A very easy going drink that highlights the best characteristics of Scotch / Scotland. Truly excellent blend.

Production is limited in batches where they blend the whiskies in a huge big tun which is not emptied each time. Batches are partially emptied so that the next batch mixes in with the previous batch to produce flavour consistency between each batch. This is somewhat unique in the blending world and is usually a 3 month long process. A very approachable whisky with the dancey man depicting the English Chancellor of the Exchequer, celebrating the end of the complicated whisky tax in operation in the early 1850s.

**Award winning whisky! We submitted this whisky for the annual HK Restaurant & Bar competition (2019), with no surprise, it received a Gold Award!