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Happy 2024! Free Delivery for Orders above 800 HKD
Happy 2024! Free Delivery for Orders above 800 HKD

Glossary & Terms

Welcome to the world of whisky!

If you are new to whisky, knowing these different terms can help you understand what you are buying / drinking (from us)!

Single Malt - You may have heard of this term a lot in the recent years. "Single" refers to the one single distillery in which the whisky liquid was made. "Malt" refers to the type of ingredient that was used during the distilling production process.

Single Cask - Spirit, whisky, brandy, liquid from only one barrel / butt / cask.

Blended whiskies - Are a mix of single malts, single grain whiskies, from different distilleries. Usually made for easy drinking, has a long history in Scotland.

Blended Malt / Pure Malt - A mix of single malt whiskies form different distilleries. Using just malted barley as the base ingredient for spirit production.

Scotch whisky - All real scotch whiskies must be made, aged, bottled in scotland for the whisky to qualify as scotch. The whisky distillate, new make spirit must be made in Scotland, up until bottling must spend all its time in Scotland.