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The First Editions - Laphroaig 14y, 2006, 58.8%, 293b

From this single malt, single cask, cask strength, scotch whisky, expect:
 wonderfully subtle, complex nose with herbal, medicinal notes combined with a rich dark fruitiness. On the palate the Islay peat smoke makes itself known, along with the typical Laphroaig iodine in the background, carrying into the long, warming finish.

Distilled in 2006 at Laphroaig distillery, an Islay distillery. A 14 year old whisky that has matured in a sherry butt cask, bottled in 2021, at 58.8% abv. 

Only 293 bottles produced from this cask.

Non-chill filtered, natural colour, bottled at cask strength, direct from barrel to bottle, no added water.

The First Editions is a cask strength series of (scotch) whiskies by the Independent bottler Hunter Laing.
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