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Where to begin?

There is too much choice in the world of whisky! How do you choose? Where do you begin? Why do you prefer one bottling over the others?

Original Bottlers (OB) whiskies are a good starting point for those that are new to whisky, you get to taste the unqiue style and differences between each distillery and region of Scotland...Why stop there??

Welcome to the massive world of IB whiskies! You will come across lots of single cask bottlings from the same distillery, but they will never taste exactly the same! Once that barrel of whisky is used up, the flavour, the texture, the richness, the complexity of that whisky will never ever be reproduced exactly as you tasted. IB whiskies (and some OB expressions) are, more often than not, very unique experiences that are worth sharing and cherishing. Here at Caskells we love to show you how crazy it can get!